Efficiency Through Multilingualism: Practical Approaches in Global Production Environments

In our connected economy, sharing knowledge across language barriers is crucial. oee.ai can make a small but important contribution: It offers the option of translating loss reason catalogs into several languages, thus facilitating collaboration in international production companies. Discover how oee.ai overcomes language barriers and thus makes production processes more efficient.

Sharing knowledge across locations: The added value of multilingual information

International manufacturing companies benefit significantly from understanding local equipments and their operating methods and sharing this knowledge across locations. Multilingual loss reason catalogs play a key role here, as they make it possible to exchange experiences.

oee.ai offers a practical solution for international companies by making it possible to translate loss reason catalogs into different languages ​​and to switch between languages ​with one click.

This process promotes understanding of the machines and helps quickly identify and resolve problems, resulting in increased efficiency. In an international context where language differences are often a challenge, access to information from other countries and in other languages ​​is particularly valuable.

oee.ai: A tool for overcoming language barriers

With oee.ai, relevant data about machine downtimes and production losses can be provided in the employees’ preferred language, which increases data quality and subsequently supports rapid problem solving. Additionally, this feature also contributes to employee engagement by allowing them to work and learn in their native language.

Image: Internationale translation of the loss reason “cleaning”

Even exotic languages ​​are not a hurdle. Has a group of employees from Burma established themselves in your factory in the USA? No problem: provide them with a loss reason catalog in Burmese.

Promote employee acceptance through linguistic diversity

The use of local languages ​​combined with English has proven effective in multinational production environments. oee.ai facilitates this approach by providing information both in the local language and always in English. This promotes clear communication across all levels of the company. English as a common language serves as a bridge for exchange between international teams and in management.

The use of multilingual applications such as oee.ai is a good step towards more efficient global production processes. They make it possible to overcome language barriers and increase employee acceptance.

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Author: Linus Steinbeck