About Us

Our History

We are former consultants of Porsche Consulting and we run now the Institute for Productivity. The best ideas arise from unsatisfied needs. We know from fore than 15 years of consulting how much effort OEE-improvement projects are. This is what we ended. With oee.ai you analyze and improve your OEE in no time and on a small budget.

Our Mission

We provide operations organizations with easy to deploy artificial intelligence solutions for productivity improvement. Our solution is plug-and-play without modification of the equipment. Anomalies in productivity are provided to Industrial Engineers on a dashboard.

Our Knowledge

OEE management is not rocket science – but also no walk in the park. We have summarized our knowledge from all research and consulting projects in one book. Springer Essentials convey current knowledge in a compact form. That’s the way it should be, so it can spread. Order in German language at Amazon.

Working with our Analytics

Our Technology Partner

Cybus Connectware
Actyx Platform & seioTec

OEE-Improvement as Hard- & Software-as-a-Service – without Invest

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