Equipment Connectivity and Equipment Productivity: Wireless Technologies Meet OEE

In the future industrial world, equipment connectivity will take a central place – it is no longer just a “nice-to-have”, but a must for future-oriented companies. The Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is paving the way for seamless communication between machines, equipment and people. This opens doors to real-time analysis of data, response to disruptions and implementation of preventative strategies. In this article, we delve deeper into the benefits of these technologies and highlight the role of wireless connectivity and show how companies can maximize their OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) through modern solutions. 

Connected future: How wireless connectivity and OEE are shaping Industry 4.0

A key element of Industry 4.0 is monitoring and optimizing the overall effectiveness of manufacturing equipment. The OEE is a proven measurement tool that helps companies evaluate the productivity of their machines. By combining connectivity and OEE, companies can precisely analyze and minimize unwanted downtime, increase throughput and ultimately increase profitability. Wireless data transfer can play a central role by offering a flexible and scalable solution for the requirements of modern production.

Future of Manufacturing: CoreTigo and realize machine connectivity and optimization

Together as partners, CoreTigo and work hand in hand on innovative projects to continually expand the boundaries of what is possible.

CoreTigo is an innovative Israel-based company specializing in wireless industrial connectivity solutions. CoreTigo has attracted investments from major venture capitalists and has now established itself on the German market. Their wireless technologies and solutions have made them a pioneer in their sector.

CoreTigo enables faster and more flexible connectivity through high-performance wireless connectivity and edge solutions for machine and equipment manufacturers. CoreTigo’s products can be used to design and retrofit machines with wireless data transfer  technology.

CoreTigo’s solutions are based on the global standard IO-Link Wireless, which was developed specifically for harsh factory environments and provides a reliable wireless connection of sensors, actuators and industrial devices.

Wireless connections based on IO-Link are an option for equipment connectivity

As industrial automation continues to advance, interest in wireless solutions as an alternative or complement to traditional wired connections is increasing. Both technologies have their advantages, but in certain industrial applications IO-Link is emerging as a pioneering wireless option.

General advantages of IO-Link over wired solutions:

  • Height reliability: In industrial environments where machines and systems must communicate seamlessly with each other, IO-Link offers high stability and reliability through its wireless technology.
  • Fast data transfer: Thanks to IO-Link’s wireless connection, fast communication is ensured, enabling system reactions in real time.
  • Maximum flexibility: Without the limitations and hassle of cables, IO-Link allows for easier system customization, expansion and reconfiguration. This flexibility is particularly valuable in dynamic production environments where requirements and setups can change quickly.

IO-Link: Wireless revolution in automation for maximum production efficiency

IO-Link is an advanced wireless communication standard in automation technology. It enables bidirectional communication down to the sensor level and serves as an innovative alternative to wired systems.

When IO-Link particularly shines:

  • Large equipment: In large machines, IO-Link facilitates data transfer and integration due to its wireless nature.
  • Modular systems: In flexible production lines, IO-Link’s wireless functionality allows quick adjustments without extensive reconfigurations.
  • Equipment with moving parts: Here IO-Link offers constant and interference-free communication, without the restrictions that cable connections might bring.

IO-Link is thus positioning itself as a technology option for connecting equipment to

CoreTigo & Data-drive optimization for outstanding productivity

CoreTigo’s product portfolio enables data collection and transfer for the purpose of OEE analysis through two specialized devices:

  • Counter: This sensor is a precise measuring instrument for recording quantities, which means that performance data and quality parameters are continuously monitored. Companies can therefore constantly monitor production performance and take optimization measures if necessary.
  • Bridge: This is a specialized sensor for recording the status of equipment, which is used in the OEE environment to determine the availability of machines. Its use allows production interruptions to be analyzed.

The third element is the Master as a collection point that accepts the data from both types of sensors. After the data has been merged in the master, it is sent to the central office via Ethernet Engine forwarded. Here, companies can access the collected data and use it for analysis, reporting or to improve production efficiency.

Image: CoreTigo infrastructure for transferring quantities

With this technology, CoreTigo ensures that companies receive a holistic view of their production processes. In combination with the solution from you can not only evaluate OEE, but also monitor production efficiently and increase productivity.

If you would like to find out more about the interaction of the technologies from and CoreTigo and how they can be integrated into your business, we would be happy to help you, contact us at Your optimization options are just an email away.

Author: Linus Steinbeck