oee.ai at LeanAroundTheClock 2018

LeanAroundTheClock (LATC) is an exceptional Lean event in Mannheim, Germany. During two days, presentations and discussions happen without a break and almost around the clock. oee.ai was represented this year with a presentation and a booth. And to start with, we are looking forward to the next year!

LeanAroundTheClock Presentation

The presentations at LATC2018 were moderated on stage by Janine Kreienbrink, known by her format #JanineFragtNach on the Lean Knowledge Base. The topics were diverse: Scrum, Kaizen, Agile, New Work, Lean Production, Lean Administration, Change Processes, … – Lean was interpreted widely and a colorful bouquet of inspiration provided a stage. All lectures were streamed live on the Internet, so even people who had not received any of the 500 tickets had a chance to be there.

The lecture on oee.ai and a subsequent discussion were on the agenda at the end of the first day and can be viewed here on Slideshare in German language:

Additionally the presentation is available on YouTube:

LeanAroundTheClock Fair

Image: The fair team consisting of Markus Focke, Dennis Schaefer, Marcus Kampa und Joern Steinbeck (f.l.t.r.)

In addition to the lectures, the venue Maimarkt offered the opportunity for a trade fair. 25 exhibitors were represented, including consulting companies and other technical solution providers, as well as oee.ai – with a newly designed booth.

The booths of the exhibitors were close to the conference area, so that there was a constant flow of people at the exhibition stands.

Many interesting discussions could be held with the visitors of the event. 58% of the participants came from industry. As a result, the focus of the talks has been on how to use the technology in the respective factories of the visitors, or the ability to modify the technology for similar uses – our tech department will enjoy the new tasks.

The organization will take some time to process the various requests.

In addition to inspiration and new approaches to Lean LATC also offered the ideal platform to expand their own network, while setting individual accents in the Lean environment.

“The event was a great success for us. Our product is designed to make it easy for businesses to optimize their productivity with Industry 4.0 technology without spending a lot of time and money on infrastructure, and companies like this approach, LATC once again clearly confirmed that. ” says Prof. Dr. Markus Focke, Managing Director of ifp Software GmbH – the company behind oee.ai.

Conclusion of LATC2018 and Outlook

The LATC format is an impressive event. For two days, 500 people are motivated to learn about Lean in a broad definition around the clock. oee.ai will also participate in the LATC2019 and we can also recommend any Lean freak to participate in the event.