Online Udemy Course OEE-Management Available in English

After the success of the course in German, the team created an English version of the course “OEE Management”. This course has more than 5 hours of video content and is available online in the Udemy app or on the web interface.

Lifelong learning has never been easier. Various providers make high-quality training courses available digitally in order to give employees the necessary tools for the next career stages or the next development steps of the entire company. For several years now, has been offering the online course “OEE Management” on Udemy in German, which is available on Udemy as well as in Udemy for Business. The content of Udemy for Business is composed of the best 4% of all courses, which means that inclusion in the Udemy for Business catalog is a seal of quality for the course and its content.

The identical course “OEE Management” was completely translated into English, otherwise it is also available to the international audience. Additionally the course has also English subtitles.

Lecturers in both languages ​​are Prof. Dr. Markus Focke and Joern Steinbeck, the two founders of

The target group for the course are employees in a managerial role from manufacturing companies, from COO to lean management managers or production masters. No prior knowledge of the concept is required, which means the course is also suitable for beginners. Experienced operations managers and process optimizers will also learn many tricks and tips to be able to use the OEE better for their own organization.

Image: Course OEE-Management on Udemy

The course is divided into 10 sections:

  1. Presentation of the learning objectives and the speakers
  2. OEE as a representation of true equipment productivity
  3. OEE as a tool for identifying losses
  4. Recording possibilities of the OEE and the reasons for losses
  5. Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence for OEE optimisation
  6. Analysis of the OEE and the reasons for loss, directed OEE improvement
  7. Employee motivation for OEE management
  8. Enterprise maturity and assessment of OEE improvements 
  9. Summary and further sources of information
  10. Bonustrack Manufacturing Intelligence

The aim of the course is to convey comprehensive knowledge both about the definition of the OEE and the collection of the relevant data for the improvement process – and In addition, topics such as change management, employee motivation and the possibilities of Industry 4.0 technologies are examined in detail. The sections are relatively independent, so that individual modules can also be skipped.

The course can be accessed via the following link: Udemy course “OEE Management”

Those who work their way through the videos and quizzes will be rewarded with a Udemy certificate to be printed out by yourself.

Image: Udemy Certificate of Completion

If companies are interested in widespread availability of the course in the company, there is the option of group prices via log-in coupons. Please contact us in this case.