Podcast Interview with Joern Steinbeck, founder of oee.ai

In addition to his work as a consultant at the Institute for Productivity KG in Aachen, Germany, Joern Steinbeck is also the founder of oee.ai. He was interviewed by Ravi Kumar Sapata from podcast channel IIoTMake.

Joern starts with the explanation of the basics of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) as a measure of the true equipment productivity and describes the use of the availability, performance and quality factor in detail on the basis of examples for different industries.

During the conversation, Joern discusses the technology and licensing model of oee.ai and describes the advantages of the cloud business model for the customers. Afterwards, Ravi is interested in the current status of OEE management in the factories and if Excel is still widely used in the field – Spoiler: Yes, it is.

In the last third of the interview, Ravi focuses his questions on the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning for OEE improvement, as does oee.ai, and asks questions about the technology and use case that oee.ai covers.

The podcast is an entertaining talk of about 30 minutes that can be listened to on Soundcloud.