oee.ai is available to customers of Cybus Connectware Plug & Play

Solution: Cybus Connectware is an industrial edge application platform that represents a universal connection for digital production. The data stocks of machine tools are controlled centrally: The Cybus Connectware reduces data silos, translates between protocols and enables the shop floor to be easily expanded. The sovereignty over the data always rests with the user.

Additional information: Lean MES and smart OEE for any shop floor & IT environment

Video: In a short Video Markus Focke and Peter Sorowka are explaining the partnership (video in German language)

Partner: Cybus GmbH is a venture capital financed start-up from Hamburg and is developing a new generation of IIoT middleware. The Cybus Connectware is used by Smart Factories as a uniform IIoT Edge Hub. The industry analyst Gartner calls Cybus a “cool vendor”. The company works with leading medium-sized and large companies from numerous industries, including mechanical engineering, automotive, and aerospace.