Smart Factory @ Consumer Goods at Porsche’s Leipzig Plant

At the end of November 2018 we had, represented by our managing director and co-founder Prof. Dr. Markus Focke, the opportunity to give a keynote at the Smart Factory @ Consumer Goods Day held by Porsche Consulting. European FMCG managers were invited to the event to discuss the digital future of the industry.

Porsche Consulting had invited two days in November 2018 in the event center of the Porsche factory in Leipzig. The digital future of the consumer goods industry were on the agenda and discussed intensively.

Speakers of the event were besides others Manager of Porsche and Porsche Consulting, Hugo Boss and our Markus Focke as a representative of science in his role as professor – and as start-up founder of

Keynote “The Future IOT Factory Stack”

You will see the presentation by Markus Focke in the following slideshare presentation:

Brief Summary of the Presentation

The keynote titled “The Future IOT Factory Stack” reports, in addition to definition and trends, that digitization must be carried out step by step and in a suitable solution space for most companies. Too little demand in the digitalization projects does not generate enough of the necessary change, too much digitization in one step overwhelms the workforce in the implementation.

In addition, from the perspective of a start-up founder, Markus Focke reported on how cooperations between corporates and start-ups works differently than cooperations between two established companies. From his perspective, it is clear that the innovations are currently not coming from the established companies but from the young and hungry start-ups.

After giving an overview of the European Industry 4.0 start-up landscape based on an analysis by the venture capital investor PointNine Capital, Markus Focke enters into an FMCG application case. Basic technology is the own start-up, which measures and improves the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) without interfering with the equipment controls. This technology is supplemented by an industrial smartwatch and digital shop floor management. An extremely relevant application for the present FMCG managers, as it was seen in the subsequent discussions.

Image credit: Porsche AG