The added value of customizable reports

Every modern person has their individual social media feed, whether on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Netflix suggests films that you should personally like. The key is individuality. As a customer, you don’t get a “one-size-fits-all” – but a product that is individually tailored to your needs. This is also possible with

In recent years there has been a growing trend to collect and process data in large quantities while only presenting the extract of information that is relevant to the user. This avoids a flood of information.
Due to the constantly growing amount of data, it is essential that the end user is only presented with the information that is relevant to him. collects large amounts, but these are not relevant for every user in general. For this reason, supports the creation of personalized reports that enable each user to receive a defined selection of information – in real time or as a summary over a period of time. By creating widget-based reports tailored to the needs of departments, teams or even individual users, enables its users to create fully personalized reports that focus on the maximum added value.
For example, the report shown in Figure 1 shows data from one production line, but focuses on the five most serious technical losses. This report serves the maintenance manager of an FMCG company and helps him to analyze the daily technical losses and initiate optimizations.

Image 1: Individual report for one single user

Another customer configured the report shown in Figure 2. It contains an overview of the machine status of each production line. The customer uses this report every morning in the shop floor management meeting.

Image 2: More report variants

Regardless of the examples mentioned, we have found that customizable reports and analyzes offer great added value for almost every user. A company that is at the beginning of its OEE management journey benefits from simple reports and the indications of easily realizable improvement potentials. A company that has already carried out many improvement initiatives and is on the last mile towards operational excellence needs very specific evaluations and analyzes in addition to general reports.

With the help of this flexibility, creates added value for a large number of manufacturing companies – regardless of the industry or existing OEE expertise.