FLECS makes the automation solutions of this world available in one place, with just one click!

Solution: With FLECS you have a completely new way of setting up your automation system – and discovering solutions that will give you a decisive advantage.

Installing or updating applications on the controller (PLC) costs the machine builder a lot of time and money. FLECS automates this process. FLECS thus offers mechanical engineering the opportunity to use hardware-independent software programs for any automation task quickly and easily.

Apps are installed, monitored and kept up to date via the application layer. The service mesh also provides a communication layer that allows all apps to talk to each other. For PLC manufacturers, this also means: The “batch size 1 PLC” can come.

In many cases, machine manufacturers and operators have to expand and retrofit their machines and systems. Here, too, FLECS supports by installing the system on so-called edge devices and a wide range of apps for connectivity with controllers from different manufacturers such as Siemens, Rockwell Automation or Schneider Electric. Via the service mesh, the data from the PLC is immediately available to the apps, such as oee.ai, on the edge device.

Machine manufacturers save 40% time in engineering and maintenance compared to the previous approach.

Partner: FLECS Technologies GmbH is a start-up from the german Allgäu and is behind the open source project FLECS. FLECS is available for all Linux-based systems or virtual machines and also offers full transparency and adaptability. The focus is on equipping new machines but also on retrofitting with the help of edge devices. In addition to mechanical engineering, FLECS is also used in intralogistics, building automation and mobile machines.