The setup wheel to increase equipment productivity

A setup wheel is a visual tool for optimizing the setup process in production. It is designed to help manufacturing companies reduce the time and effort required to switch from one product to another.

A setup wheel is typically a circular diagram divided into segments, with each segment representing a different product to be manufactured. The segments are arranged in the most cost-effective order for carrying out the set-up process, with the aim of reducing the time required to switch from one product to another.

Image: Setup wheel for the production of 8 different material numbers

The setup wheel is therefore a setup matrix in which the optimal sequence path through the matrix can be seen.

Setup wheel to reduce the total set-up effort

The key benefit of using a setup wheel is that it improves OEE. By streamlining the setup sequence, manufacturers can reduce the time and labor required to switch from one production run to another. This helps increase the overall speed of your equipment and produce more products in less time.

It is important to note that the reduction in set-up times results from the clever combination of production orders, not from optimizing the actual set-up process. This optimization would be part of the SMED concept – Single Minute Exchange of Dies.

Overall, the use of a setup wheel is a valuable tool for manufacturers who want to optimize their production processes. By streamlining the changeover process and reducing the time and effort required to switch from one product to another, manufacturers can improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase overall profitability.

Setup wheel as an element of interval production

The setup wheel is part of a larger concept of interval production. In interval production, a defined production program – or a selection from it – is always processed in the same order. This form of production is often supported by Kanban and supermarkets.

An important key figure in this context is the so-called EPEI – Every Part Every Interval. This key figure indicates the time it takes the system to get back to the first product, i.e. to go through the circle once. supports the creation of the setup wheel by precisely recording the setup times of all variants, which is materialized in a setup matrix in the first step. The data from this set-up matrix can be transmitted to the planning system in real time via an API, so that planning is always carried out with up-to-date and optimal data.

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